Saturday, March 29, 2008

If I Was Working At The Club, You Would Not Pay

Top 5 Things:

1. Burial
2. Beatniks
3. Donna Summer (The High-Priestess of Disco)
4. May-December Romances
5. No Country For Old Men

Honestly, spring is just around the corner and you can smell the pheromones in the air. Less clothing, more to do outside, just all around madness!

No wonder people are so horny!

I had an interesting conversation with some friends about older men. Some like them, some don't. Some think they are seedy and creepy, some think they are harmless and just wanting to get laid like the rest of us. But I am alarmed. There is no community anymore. We divide ourselves all the time, young/old, black/white, boy/girl, POSITIVE/NEGATIVE. Get it together! We as young men need to be grateful for what our counterparts fought for and won for us, but on the opposite end, they need to embrace us for being young and not put off by our attitude problem, only because we are a lost generation. The future has never really been clear for us and now we are not sure it will even be there.

Back to being horny though....

The most beautiful men in the world (in my humble opinion)

1.Francois Sagat
2.James Dean
3.Melvil Poupad
4.Tony Ward
5.Vincent Gallo
And just for fun...I also dig the outfit...Sean O isn't bad either, but he is like 12 or something like that...

This rad picture from the ACT UP days...amazing....

that's it.


MISS M. said...

Nice subtle ATCQ reference.

Nick said...

thank you. keep it real.