Friday, March 21, 2008

Is it a dream, is it a lie, I can't tell you decide

top 5 things:

1. "Honey" by Erykah Badu
2. The Spanish Civil War
3. Bauhaus ( the art movement not the British goth-rock band)
4. Richard Prince
5. American Band Stand

Last weekend I went upstate to Woodstock, to visit my boyfriend's mom for her birthday. Now, I look forward to her birthday party every year. It is quite possibly the social event of the year. I have met some real characters at these gatherings, which leads me to the month of March.

I hate it.

What is the point? Its not really winter but not yet spring and everybody I know is pissed off for the entire month.
One of the characters I have met, made a great observation to me. It is the wind. March is incredibly windy, and that is the worst weather to possibly endure. It is violent and changes ones disposition. The Santa Ana winds in L.A. have been known to kill people. What can you do about it? Buy a anorak! We are in luck because with this strange revival in '90's fashion, it means that "windbreakers" are back. I never thought I would utter those words again.

And now for something entirely different!

The 5 most beautiful specimens (female) in my diluted little mind...

1. Megan Collison
3.Jane Birkin
4. Irina Lazareanau
5.Cat Power

...Now why these women all have bangs,I am not sure, I guess I just like brunettes with bangs...


MISS M. said...

bravo on ms. badu being at the top of your list. i second that notion for this week.

Anonymous said...

you love girls with bangs nick!


Linny said...

I have some serious bangs now, could I be on your list love?